What Does it Take to Create a Wonderful,
Fulfilling, Beautiful Life with Deep,
Meaningful Relationships?

We know. In Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living, you will benefit from Dr. Judith's most recent startling discoveries and over 30 years of studying people living great lives and creating great relationships. Get started right away with her gift to you, two FREE Chapters from the book.

For the first time, Transformed! pulls together, in one integrated process, diverse disciplines including cutting-edge neuroscience, behavioral economics, and positive psychology. Dr. Judith and her husband, Dr. Bob Wright, present the amazing process for learning, growing, and transforming.

The result is a life of purpose and contribution-a life with relationships that are deep and meaningful, a life that springs from what we call your Life Project. It goes beyond changes tied to goals. We teach the skills and process that lead to the right kind of changes-changes that fulfill you, that are satisfying, and that go to the core of your deepest yearnings.

Why wait until you lose 20 pounds to live fulfilled? Why settle for a life half lived when you can have deep intimate relationships, a meaningful career, and satisfaction in all areas of your life?

In Transformed! and all our materials, you will find tips, tools, articles, stories, and events to guide you and inspire you.

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Who Is Dr. Judith?

20/20 loved her, Oprah wanted to be like her, Diane Sawyer learned from her--and she is dedicated to your success. Dr. Judith Wright is President of Wright, a cutting-edge personal and professional development corporation. She has been hailed as a peerless educator, world-class coach, lifestyles expert, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and corporate consultant. She is the author of The Soft Addiction Solution and The One Decision.
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Now you can have the kind of life you always wanted!

Why wait? Learn the science of personal and professional transformation to make dramatic changes with lasting results.

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What people are saying about Transformed!

Unique, Powerful Results-Proven

"I've seen the results of their science-based, proven technologies in leaders and folks from all walks of life, and the results are unique and powerful. The integrity, critical thinking, and accomplishments of their students are remarkable."

Brad Anderson, Former CEO of Best Buy

Taps Potential at All Levels

"The Wright's book is about transformation that taps human potential at all levels. The strength and commitment of the people they coach and train is proof of their effectiveness."

Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank Founder & Nobel Peace Laureate, 2006

Not Just Good, Great!

"What Good to Great does for companies, Transformed! does for people."

Jack Canfield Bestselling Author of The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be