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Tips to Create Meaningful Connections This Valentine’s Day

How to create more meaningful interactions

Cards, candy and flowers are great, but you don't have to buy a the "perfect" gift or spend hours to make a connection with another person. Try some of these simple tips below to create more meaningful interactions with everyone you meet during your day.

  1. Be yourself. If you aren't being genuine, you won't make a true connection. Real intimacy happens with the armor off, so use your courage to speak from the heart and give at least three completely honest responses to people today. If your friend wants to go to a new movie and you just aren't a fan of sci-fi, let them know. Or tell them the truth when they ask if you like their new haircut, and why. And, don't be afraid to tell them what you like or appreciate about them.
  2. Listen like you mean it. How often are we just waiting for other people's lips to stop moving so we can say something? Sometimes it is better to let others talk than, say, interrupting to solve a problem they might be having. Listening is one way to connect to others without trying to fix them. Today, simply listen to a few people without the burden of having to "do" anything other than giving them room to talk.
  3. Eat, drink, and be merry. Sharing lunch with a co-worker or dinner with a friend is a great way to connect. Think about simply sitting and being with someone else without an agendaÑother than to get to know them better. Don't just talk about the weather or your favorite TV showsÑtry going deeper to get to really know them.
  4. Tune in, not out. Simply saying "hi" and engaging in small talk with others is a great way to feel connected. Today, try turning off the iPod or putting away your Blackberry and talk to the person behind you in line at the grocery store, the coffee shop, or riding in the elevator with you. Talking to a stranger might not really be that strange!
  5. Share the love. It is always appropriate to express gratitude. Sharing what we are grateful for reminds us of what we have and makes others feel appreciated as we thank them. We can even be grateful for our problems since working through them is what builds our skills to handle more and do more in our lives. Today, share your gratitude at least three times. How does it make you feel?


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