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How I Closed My Catalogs and Opened Up My Life

It used to be that I would spend hours poring over catalogs when I walked in the door after work. The next day I would complain about how little time I had to spend doing the things I really wanted to do. I realized that I was wasting time but I couldn't stop the compulsion to look at catalogs. I used the skills in Judith's Soft Addiction Solution to:

  • Identify that I wanted to belong and fit in as a girl and even as an adult I was still using the catalogs to fill this gap in my life
  • Add some compassion for myself as a little girl who was struggling to dress and fit in with no supervision
  • Add a vision for myself as a woman who matters
  • Told a friend about what I was doing and asked her to be available to call when I walked in the door with all the new catalogs.

The results? More time, more productivity and me feeling a lot more satisfied!

–Michele G.