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November 2021


Embrace Abundance: Banish Soft Addictions

Have you ever checked your Instagram account, only to glance up an hour later, forgetting why you were even looking at the screen in your hand in the first place? Are you stuck in an “over” rut? Over-eating, over-thinking, over-scrolling, over-shopping, over-acting, over-everything? Join us for this FREE online webinar, Embrace Abundance: Banish Your Soft Addictions, led by the Wright Foundation co-founder and president, Dr. Judith Wright. You’ll learn: What soft addictions really are Why everyone has them How stress feeds them What you’re really hungry…



MORE Life Training

Discover your potential, embrace your unique gifts and enhance your social and emotional intelligence in our 3-day live virtual workshop!



Living a Conscious Life: Overcoming Soft Addictions

Get the skills to help you stop “zoning out” and start tuning in to ways that you can meet your yearnings directly and sustain yourself as you embrace your challenges head-on. Join us for a weekend of deep healing, inspiration, humor as you take back your attention, time and money. Discover the power of breaking through your soft addictions!


December 2021


The Power of Authenticity

Would you like to share yourself with others more fully?  Have greater connections? Feel more joy and aliveness? Be more productive and have more motivation? Now is the perfect time to gift yourself with all of those and more. Authenticity is the foundation of intimacy. However, if you’re like most of us, you might prefer to stay in “safe territory”—the comfort of familiarity. Fear of change encourages you to pretend that you’re content and numb yourself to your deeper longings. But you don’t need to…


January 2022


New Year, New You: A Visioning Workshop

The challenges of 2021 may have been significant, but the gifts? Even more so! We ended the year with greater resilience and creativity and a desire for even deeper connections and more purpose and meaning. Now that all of the confetti is swept up, how would you like to begin 2022: Knowing how to create lasting change? Understanding what matters most? Discovering the barriers to your dreams? Focusing on the future and not the past? Knowing yourself better? Creating a compelling vision for the new year is the key to all of…


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