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July 16, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

As you struggle to find your “new normal” in this rapidly evolving world, things might not always go smoothly. You might make mistakes, second-guess yourself, and have moments (or even days or weeks) of fear and uncertainty. But the trick to finding peace isn’t learning to do things perfectly; on the contrary, it’s treating yourself with a little extra kindness and self-compassion.

In this interactive webinar, Wright Foundation co-founder and president Dr. Judith Wright, a lifestyles expert featured on Oprah, 20/20, Good Morning America, and hundreds of other television and radio programs, will teach you how to develop more care and compassion for yourself, especially in turbulent times. Challenges are often a great opportunity to learn and grow in new ways, but to do so, we have to be compassionate and gentle with ourselves.

You’ll discover why “negative” emotions like fear, sadness, and anger aren’t just natural, but are beneficial. You’ll also learn how to process and express these emotions in order to use and release stress, ground yourself, and be nourished and satisfied, no matter how “not okay” you think you are.